Staff Profile

We have very experienced and efficient staffs, both from technical and non-technical backgrounds, working with us.

Teaching Staffs

Sl. No. Name Designation Qualification (Class onwards) Trade Date of Joining Regular/Adhoc/Contract CTI trained (Yes/No) Photo link.
1 Smt. S. Ghosh Superintendent. Cutting & Sewing 27/01/1978 Regular Yes
2 Sri H. K. Lenka ATO Weaving 26/08/1993 Regular No
3 Miss M. Singhbabu ATO Electronics Mech. 17/09/2003 PTGI No
4 Miss Swarupa S. Dutta ATO Electronics Mech. 05/09/2011 PTGI No
5 Sri B. Giri ATO Stenography (E) 20/11/2008 PTGI No
6 Mrs. M. Mohapatra ATO Cutting & Sewing 07/06/2012 PTGI No

Adminstritive Staffs

Sl. No. Name of Staff Designation Date of Joining Remarks
1 Sri G. C. Soren Head Clerk 12/07/06
2 Sri P. Giri Clerk-cum-Typist 24/04/93
3 Sri S. K. Barik Peon 25/07/80
4 Sri K. P. Singh Peon 16/04/91
5 Smt. Laxmi Singh Peon 01/05/86
6 Sri Gani Naik Attendant 20/08/90
7 Sri S. Mukhi Watchman 14/08/06
8 Smt. J. Bhattacharya Computer Faculty 05/01/11
9 Sri A. Bhoi Gardener 20/12/10
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